After a week at sea, this is the best way to arrive at post. Looking forward to getting to know #TristandaCunha and the amazing people who live here. #Diplomacy #NewAdventures

When you give a helicopter pilot crew your phone....👀 beautiful views of the settlement Edinburgh of the Seven Sea's. #tristandacunha #helicopter #SAAgulhas2 #islandlife

As we celebrate Sustainable Seafood Week we would like to highlight our lobster fishery which is one of the most remote MSC certified sustainable fisheries in the world! 🦞

We sustainably catch Tristan rock lobster for export to South Africa, Europe and the US. Over half of our ...island’s economy relies on sustainable fishing.
A lot of time and effort goes into fishing and packing lobster - from the boats offshore catching, to checking the haul, and to the factory where the day’s catch is processed. 💙

Today we want to acknowledge the work that happens in the on-island processing factory. A lot of attention and expertise goes into the packaging of Tristan’s high grade and sustainable lobster.

We do not have machines and every lobster is individually packed by the ladies working there. The whole lobsters are packaged and collected by a carrier who takes them to ladies who re-check them to ensure that they have been packaged correctly and don’t have any missing legs or horns. The lobsters are then weighed and graded into size before being packed into cartons. The lobster is then frozen and the cartons boxed ready to be exported and served in restaurants worldwide.

You can support our sustainable fishery by choosing seafood with the MSC blue label.

📷 Fishers, Tristan da Cunha (c) Janine Lavarello

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