On Thursday 8 June, students from St Mary's School, Tristan da Cunha, celebrated World Ocean Day.

It was a great day for them all, with lots of ocean themed fun and activities both on the beach and in the school hall.

The day started off with a school assembly led by Mr Peter Foster (Head Teacher), Miss Maria and Miss Rhyanna. The children sang the song, ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ and watched a video clip about World Ocean Day.

Marine activities on the beach

After the assembly, the teachers took the children down to the beach where a decorative wreath was laid by the oldest and youngest children in school to honour the ocean. Two students followed on with a ‘Thank You’ prayer for the ocean and the wreath was placed in the sea.

The children were split into four groups to play activities including sand art on the beach and a 15 minute beach clean-up.

Celebrations in the school hall

The children returned to school hall where they carried on with ocean activities. The school hall had been beautifully decorated by the children, Miss Maria and Miss Rhyanna.

The children played:

  • Skittles, using the Eco Bricks (plastic bottles fill with plastic)
  • Throwing the rings over the Eco Bricks
  • Designed their own underwater scene, using play dough
  • Drawing the head and tail on a fish whilst blindfolded

The younger children drew and wrote what they liked about the ocean whilst the older children wrote a poem of their own about the sea.

Their were prizes for:

  • Designing their underwater scene
  • Drawing the head and tail on the fish
  • The pictures and poems

The children also had some drinks and snacks, which they enjoyed too!

The day ended with a prize giving, a lucky dip for the younger children and a bag of treats for everyone.

Thank you also to Mr Richard for his help with the school celebrations for World Oceans Day.

children on the beach celebrating world oceans day 2023
World Oceans Day 2023 (c) Tristan da Cunha Conservation Department
Children on the beach making sand art
Sand art (c) Tristan da Cunha Conservation Department
Drawing of octopus by a child
A child's drawing and text about what they like about the ocean (c) Tristan da Cunha Conservation Department

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