To build ocean custodians for the future of the Tristan da Cunha Marine Protection Zone two school leavers have been selected as Young Ocean Champions 2024.

Ryan Swain and Tristan Glass are the 2024 champions selected to hopefully one day become future ocean leaders for the island. Ryan and Tristan join Shannon Swain and Kieran Glass who began the role of ocean champions in 2023.

The Young Ocean Champions will be advocating for Tristan’s marine environment and community. They will act as ambassadors for Tristan through global communications opportunities, including creating content for Atlantic Guardians communications platforms and developing leadership and mentoring skills which will be useful for the future.

Learning to scuba dive

In 2023 the Young Ocean Champions studied for their PADI diving qualifications by taking part in online work and practical sessions. They have now been PADI certified thanks to Emil, Diving Instructor, Jess, Marine Management Support Officer, Rodney and Dean, Fisheries Department.

Why become a Young Ocean Champion?

We asked them why they to wanted to be a Young Ocean Champion and what they love about the dive school.


Tristan Glass Age:16

“I enjoy being able to help the ocean and Tristan’s MPZ and the chance to experience new things that others maybe didn’t have the chance to do.”


Kieran Glass Age:17

“It’s a good learning experience and [through diving] I’ll be able to see life underwater and help to save and protect the marine environment.”


Shannon Swain Age:16

“I enjoy protecting the marine life and working with the animals underwater. It’s also important to encourage young people like myself to explore the wide range of underwater animals and scenery.”


Ryan Swain Age:16

“I enjoy exploring the ocean and seeing what lives in it and I’m excited about all the good opportunities I’m now able to be a part of.”

Sharing marine stories through social media

The ocean champions will be supported by Janine Lavarello, Marine Protection Zone Officer on the island and will undertake training in social media and online presence, making sure they understand the how to safeguard their well-being. Along with producing articles for the website, Instagram and Facebook, and other communications training.



Travelling to the UK to learn gain skills

One major opportunity they will be embarking on is a 4-month training opportunity in the UK undertaking various courses from survival techniques, powerboat courses, leadership skills, communication training and much more. The trip will help them see what other marine conservation work is happening in the world and what can be implemented on Tristan da Cunha.


Kieran, Shannon, Ryan and Tristan works in various departments within the Tristan da Cunha Government. They have been granted the occasional day released from their daily jobs to have some Youth Ocean Champion mentorship and attend relevant marine activities and fieldwork.




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Young Ocean Champions Left - Right, Kieran Glass, Shannon Swain Ryan Swain and Tristan Glass (c) Emil Prizenthal
Young Ocean Champions Left - Right, Kieran Glass, Shannon Swain Ryan Swain and Tristan Glass (c) Emil Prizenthal
Young Ocean Champions in training (c) Janine Lavarello
Young Ocean Champions in training (c) Janine Lavarello
Young Ocean Champions Underwater (c) Emil Pirzenthal
Young Ocean Champions Underwater (c) Emil Pirzenthal
Transport to Capetown (c) Janine Lavarello
Transport to Cape Town (c) Janine Lavarello

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