Today we’re celebrating International Women’s Day by recognising the remarkable contribution an inspiring woman from Tristan da Cunha has made to marine conservation.

Marie Repetto has been recording whale sightings around the world’s most remote inhabited island of Tristan da Cunha for over a decade.

Marie has made a significant contribution to the knowledge and understanding of the whales and dolphins that use the waters around Tristan.

Over eleven species of whale have been recorded including Southern Right Whale and the rare and elusive Shepherd’s Beaked Whale. Find out more about Tristan’s marine life.

Marie Repetto
Marie Repetto (c) Tristan da Cunha

Marie Said,

“My fascination for wildlife started when I was young, anything about nature I would read or watch on TV, especially documentaries by Sir David Attenborough. I love walking and taking photos of wildlife

I work in Tristan da Cunha’s Rock Lobster factory in an office with a wonderful view of the ocean! Over the years I became more interested in whale watching or anything that I see: including schools of flying fish or a feeding frenzy by the Yellow-nosed Albatross.

Making notes in my diary of my sightings just became a habit, some sightings I have missed but, if possible, I try to take photos.  I only had a 35mm camera when I started recording so the pictures sometimes were not clear. The most memorable sights were of a whale breeching, with a backdrop of the volcano, this I've seen twice! And whilst sitting on the cliff, I saw a Humpback Whale pass the harbour, close enough to see the barnacles on its skin! Living on Tristan means I have the privilege of being able to whale watch from my house and my office! I love it!”

Killer Whale © Rohan Holt
Killer Whale © Rohan Holt

Today is International Women’s Day and the campaign is celebrating diversity, inclusion and ‘equity’. The campaign theme this year is #EmbraceEquity.

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Humpback whale © Andy Schofield
Humpback whale © Andy Schofield

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