Tristan Wrasse (Conca)

Suezichthys ornatus

Tristan wrasse or rainbow wrasse are known locally as Conca.

Tristan Wrasse male (Conca) Suezichthys ornatus (c) Sue Scott
Tristan Wrasse male (Conca) Suezichthys ornatus (c) Sue Scott

They are very common in the kelp forest and amongst smaller seaweeds at the top islands of Tristan, Nightingale and Inaccessible, but are relatively rare at Gough.

The males, females and juveniles differ in their colour. Interestingly older females change sex and become male in later life!

IUCN/ Conservation Status — Least Concern

Length — up to 3.9cm


Life span


Sightings around Tristan islands – Common in the kelp around all the islands expect Gough.

Marine life on Tristan

The waters surrounding the Tristan islands are home to a diverse range of fish and invertebrates, including the commercially valuable crayfish.