False Jacopever (Soldier)

Sebastes capensis

False Jacopever is known locally as the Solider fish. It’s in the family of rock fishes and uses the kelp forest as shelter. It likes to retreat to crevices and boulder holes.

False Jacopever (Soldier) Sebastes capensis (c) Sue Scott
False Jacopever (Soldier) Sebastes capensis (c) Sue Scott

It ranges in colour from yellow, orange to dark brown, with a pattern of 5-6 large white spots on its back.

In Tristan waters the most common colour is orange whereas in Gough waters it is brown.

It is seen more frequently when diving at Gough than around the other islands in the Tristan group.

IUCN/ Conservation Status — Least Concern

Length — 30cm


Life span


Sightings around Tristan islands

Marine life on Tristan

The waters surrounding the Tristan islands are home to a diverse range of fish and invertebrates, including the commercially valuable crayfish.