Northern rockhopper penguins

Eudyptes moseleyi

Known locally as Pinnamin, around 90% of the world’s population of Northern rock hopper penguins breed on the islands of Tristan da Cunha.

Northern rockhopper penguin © Andy Schofield
Northern rockhopper penguin © Andy Schofield

This small, agile penguin comes ashore to breed in rookeries in August. Penguin chicks huddle into creches whilst the adults go out to feed on krill, fish and squid at sea. In February each year the penguins lose their feathers. During this period of moult, they cannot swim.

IUCN/ Conservation Status — Endandgered

Length — 55cm


Life span

Reproduction — Eggs laid in early September, chicks hatch in October. Young feldge in December and January.

Sightings around Tristan islands

Marine life on Tristan

The waters surrounding the Tristan islands are home to a diverse range of fish and invertebrates, including the commercially valuable crayfish.