Tristan da Cunha marine habitats

Tristan’s waters are rich with marine life. Lobsters hide in the rockpool crevices, fish shoal in the Giant Kelp forests, sharks feed on the nutrient rich seamounts and tuna hunt in the open ocean.

Rocky shores and Kelp Forests

Giant kelp forest (c) National Geographic Pritsine seas The rocky shores are home to Rock Lobster, Five Finger and Yellowtail fish. The pools provide shelter for small fish, octopus, young lobster, urchins, seaweeds and sponges. A warming climate could affect…

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Underwater habitat (c) Rohan Holt Seamounts are underwater mountains home to cold-water coral reeds and sponge grounds. The nutrient rich waters around the seamounts are abundant with plankton and are used as feeding stations for travelling sharks, fish and whales….

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Open Ocean

Southern Bluefin Tuna (c) Creative Commons More than 80% of Tristan’s water are deeper than 3,000 metres. Much of this area is still to be explored. The open ocean is home to several migratory sharks and tuna. It is also…

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Marine life on Tristan

The waters surrounding the Tristan islands are home to a diverse range of fish and invertebrates, including the commercially valuable crayfish.